Polyurethanes Concrete Flooring

concrete flooring

Typical areas of application:

Food preparation

Commercial, hospital & prison kitchens, fast food, airline catering & ready meats.

Food processing

Dairies, bakeries, meat processing, pickling, sauces, conserves, freezers & wash bays.

Drinks & beverages

Breweries, distilleries, soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, bottling & canning.


Primary & secondary manufacture, research, clean rooms & pilot plant.


Tanker reception, process & bunded stores.

The benefits of Poly Urethane Concrete over other resins type flooring systems:

  • Food safe.
  • Extremely durable with its impact & mechanical wear resistant.
  • Temperature Resistance of up to 130ºC, most other resin flooring soften at approximately 50ºC-60º.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance to a wide range of acids & solvents. There are very few chemicals that will rapidly degrade Ucrete Flooring system.
  • Non bio-biodegradable & will not support bacterial or fungal growth.

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