Liquid Vinyl Solutions

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The Liquid Vinyl flooring is applied as it sounds in a liquid form & cures to a seamless surface. That means even with complex building geometries, a seamless finish can be achieved providing a non porous & easily cleanable surface that literally leaves nowhere for the dirt residues to hide.

There are special top coats available to inhibit bacterial growth on the surface, while the monolithic junction with the floor achieves the same effect underneath the floor covering.

Features And Benefits:

  • Full-surface bond to the floor
  • Maximum comfort underfoot
  • Outstanding impact elasticity
  • Abrasion resistant & resilient
  • Crack bridging
  • Seamless
  • Low maintenance & cleaning costs
  • Decorative
  • Large range of colour choices
  • UV resistant
  • Can be applied over existing coatings after appropriate testing & pre treatment of substrate.


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About us

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