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Our floors are very easy to clean, making them ideal in both indoor and outdoor settings

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Our high-quality product is of the most durable flooring surfaces in the world as well as being environmentally friendly, no Volatile Organic compounds, solventless epoxy (is available) and seamless. However, high quality doesn’t equal expensive. Our floors are affordable compared to high-end tiles and timber floors. You don’t need to compromise on your design. Also, our surfaces can be cleaned by vacuum, mop or hose – making it ideal indoors and outdoors.

Unlike other flooring options, applications form part of the concrete surface, rather than sit on top, which means that your finish is durable, long lasting and hard wearing.

Our floors are seamless (which means no bacteria and dirt harbouring grout lines) and they are available in either gloss, matte or satin finish.

Our floors are very easy to clean, making them ideal in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Features And Benefits:

  • Decorative
  • Easy to Clean
  • Full-surface bond to the floor
  • Superior abrasion resilient & chemical resistant
  • Seamless with no grout lines
  • Food safe and WHS compliant
  • Industrial Grade, high traffic durability
  • Low maintenance & cleaning costs
  • Large range of colour choices and patterns
  • UV resistant can be achieved
  • Can be applied over existing coatings after appropriate testing & pre-treatment of substrate
  • Slip resistant option
  • Coving and Vertical services

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About us

Our aim is to develop and install a flooring system that suits the Customer’s requirements that will give a floor that not only fits their needs but be long lasting!

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