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Undesirable static electricity:

  • Can damage electronic equipment
  • Leads to unwanted accumulation of dust
  • Can cause discomfort
  • Can ignite solvent/air or air/powder mixtures

Safeguards industrial flooring is widely used in many areas where solvents are stored and handled because of its excellent resistance to a wide range of very aggressive solvents. Wherever solvents are used, whether in processes or for cleaning, there is a potential risk of explosive vapour/air mixtures forming. An electrostatic discharge can provide sufficient energy to ignite such a mixture, often resulting in an explosion. Similarly, wherever fine organic powders are handled or generated during processing, these too can form powder/air mixtures with the potential for a dust explosion if ignited. Antistatic floors provide you with the chemical and solvent resistance required of a floor together with the conductive properties needed to control undesired static electricity.

Protecting sensitive electronic devices from the effects of an electrostatic discharge becomes even more critical as the devices get smaller. The best defence is to prevent the accumulation of charge in the first place. In this respect, more conductive floors are more effective. Personnel walking on Safeguard Commercial Flooring antistatic floors while wearing appropriate footwear generate very low body voltages.

An antistatic floor can only play a part in the elimination of undesirable static discharge and must be seen as an integral part of a total strategy: that includes the design and earthing of plant and equipment, the use of barrel clamps as well as correct footwear and clothing. Safeguard Commercial Flooring antistatic floors work by dissipating static electricity to earth. In order to prevent personnel working in the area from becoming charged through induction, or triboelectrically, they must wear antistatic footwear and be in electrical contact with the floor.

To find the right floor with the necessary electrostatic properties as well as meeting all the requirements for low emissions, slip resistance, safety and durability.

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Anti-Static Flooring - Commercial FlooringAnti-Static Flooring - Commercial FlooringAnti-Static Flooring - Commercial FlooringAnti-Static Flooring - Commercial FlooringAnti-Static Flooring - Commercial Flooring

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