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Anti-slip or Non-slip flooring can be a messy business when you need to take into consideration of the Australian Standards requirements for the different areas.

  • Australian Standards we refer to are currently AS 4586-2013 Slip resistance for new pedestrian surfaces and AS 4663-2013 Slip resistance for existing pedestrian surfaces.
  • Floors are exposed to all sorts of conditions and materials and if you do not have anti slip flooring in place your personnel will be exposed to great risk. Anti slip flooring must be tailored to your business and process in order to be truly effective.
  • Anti slip flooring must be tailored to your business and process in order to be truly effective.
  • Substances that may need to be accounted for include: hot and cold liquids food acids blood sugar fats and oils cleaning regimes other wet and dry substances specific to your operation Spillage of these materials can create serious health and safety risks.
  • To maximise the safety of your employees and ensure production runs smoothly you need a precise anti slip flooring solution. Non-slip epoxy, polyurethane and other types of coatings can be created depending on your needs.
  • Having the appropriate anti slip flooring installed also increases the durability and quality of your floor surface. This is an important part of long-term cost management.
  • Safeguard will advise you on the most appropriate solution for your manufacturing procedures.
  • We understand Work Health and Safety regulations and the product we deliver will meet all necessary safety requirements.
  • Safeguard are the experts when it comes to anti slip flooring for the food and other industries.

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